Developing new cutting-edge corporate technology is hard and expensive

Licensing It Shouldn’t Be (that’s why you hire us as your technology broker)

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Why hire Patriot Ventures? You’ll get more leads for your technology licensing with us, faster than ever before at a price your business will love.

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Why You Get Faster & Better Licensees From Us


Our Pitch For Your Technology Will Rock
We’ll collaborate with you to generate amazing marketing collateral with the right value propositions. From an early-stage 1-page tech summary to deep technical slides, we’ll help you generate it all. Then we’ll hone the team and pitch that brings you interested, engaged potential licensees.

We’re Not Lawyers
(Yes, that’s a differentiator)

We’re product managers, marketers and entrepreneurs. We talk the language of the licensees. We tell them how your technology fits their needs and will make them more profitable. They buy because they want to, not because a lawyer threatened them.

Better communication
You’ll be amazed at how available we are. We keep you closely informed of progress with licensees throughout. You gain an extended team member for 1/10th the price. You can download our project schedule here to see how we’ve taken everything into account for you. You’ll know exactly where we are on your project all the time.

Services & Pricing

Lead Generation

$799 a month ongoing
We guarantee to generate you 3 new leads each month. The leads include potential licensees, investors, buyers and venture capitalists. For each you get from us a lead sheet describing your opportunity and point of contact. You choose to follow up.


Set expectations early for licensing or spinout by having us value your technology. You get the results of 3 major valuation methods and over 30 datapoints presented to your team in a transparent, easily understood format.

Pitch Decks & Road Show

Want your Intellectual Property presented in the most valuable way? This is the service for you. It creates the major marketing collateral you need, generates leads, qualifies those leads for you and includes a road show to the top 5 prospects. It’s everything but the negotiating. That’s your job!

Technology Auction

Want to generate the most value for your IP or technology with a definite timeline and a deadline that will motivate buyers? Have us manage an auction for you. It’s worked for 550 million eBay auctions. It can work for you. Ask us to explain how.

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